"This is the best (and only) stuff I’ve found to combat hayfever. I recommend it highly and heartily"
Roy Petersen

HayfeGUARD - Frequently Asked Questions

How is HayfeGUARD® produced?
HayfeGUARD is made by honey bees feeding on local pure English flower nectar. We enrich this with collected honey bee pollen and fresh royal jelly. HayfeGUARD is not artificially treated in any way and no artificial or synthetic ingredients are added- only the natural honey bee by-products are there. We do not pasteurise the honey, nor is it adulterated with added sugar or water.
How do I use HayfeGUARD®?
Take two 5g teaspoonfuls a day; one in the morning on toast, cereal, yogurt, smoothie or straight from the pot! Also once again last thing at night. HayfeGUARD should not be put in hot drinks as high temperatures can harm the pollen within.
Can I take HayfeGUARD® daily?
All the ingredients are safe and natural to take on a daily basis if you wish. Read on to see if you are one of the few to be excluded.
What does HayfeGUARD® taste like?
It tastes terrific! It has a distinctive rich pleasing aroma and flavour. Most people eat it straight from the pot!
How should HayfeGUARD® be stored?
HayfeGUARD should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place. Also the good news is that due to its naturally low HMF factor, it will not go off. No need to refrigerate.
Are there any side effects from taking HayfeGUARD®?
HayfeGUARD is not a drug or medicine. It is an all food product. However like all foods there all people with food allergies. We would suggest not to take this product if you are allergic to honey, pollen or royal jelly. If you suffers from allergies, reactions to bee pollen or royal jelly we do not advise taking this product. Remember in cases like this always consult your doctor first.
Can diabetics take HayfeGUARD®?

HayfeGUARD is not recommended for diabetics or people allergic to bee hive products.


Is HayfeGUARD® safe for children to take?
HayfeGUARD is not to be given to children less than two years old. Otherwise any other age is fine. It's a great healthy nutritional boost. Pollen is a great protein source. Some children are picky eaters and its a job to make sure they get enough protein for developing strong bones and muscles. We advocate a five a day fresh fruit and veg plan as well as a sensible balanced diet. However if your child suffers from allergies, reactions to bee pollen or royal jelly we do not advise giving them this product. In cases like this always consult your doctor first.
Is HayfeGUARD® safe to take while pregnant or nursing?
HayfeGUARD® is a completely natural product. It does not contain any medicine or drug compounds. Many midwifes are recommending HayfeGUARD® as a natural way forward. Having said that, it's always advisable to consult your doctor and midwife before introducing any new food routines during pregnancy. They will know you and your specific health needs best. Tell them the ingredients are: Honey, Pollen & Royal Jelly.
Can I still take my antihistamines tablets or homeopathy remedies while taking HayfeGUARD®?
HayfeGUARD® is a completely natural food substance that will not negate the effectiveness of your antihistamine tables. Being completely natural it is compatible with most all know homoeopathy prescriptions.
Why is HayfeGUARD® better than a normal jar of local honey?
You would have to eat about 14 jars of normal local honey to get the same pollen factor of just one pot of HayfeGUARD®. Also HayfeGUARD® contains fresh royal jelly not found in normal local honey. The reason we add the royal jelly is it helps weakened, stressed immune systems which generally occurs when fighting a cold, flu, hayfever or battling daily life.
Where does the honey come from?

We harvest them! Yes we are beekeepers and we harvest the honey in and around the UK only. If we can't keep up, then we ask a few beekeeping friends we know to lend their help. We encourage other beekeepers to get involved and are happy to be offered their honey treasures as long as they can pass our very stringent quality requirements (and they truly love their bees)!

Why are some honeys cheap and others expensive?

The saying- 'You get what you pay for' is never truer than when buying honey. Some of the factors that contribute to higher priced honey are:

  • Fair Trade Pricing- We strongly believe that beekeepers should be fairly paid for all their hard work. 99% of beekeeping is hand harvested. Beekeeping is very labour intensive when done correctly. If your in a hurry and mass produce honey quickly it will harm the quality, in turn compromising the beneficial health properties of the honey.
  • UK Quality Honey- not 'Foreign" honey which makes up 98% of most blended honeys. English honey is very limited.
  • Machine Pumped Micro Filtered- ours is slow gravity fed. Quality is something you can't rush!
  • Welfare To The Bees- Looking after live stock in a compassionate and caring way costs money. We think its worth it.