"This is the best (and only) stuff I’ve found to combat hayfever. I recommend it highly and heartily"
Roy Petersen

What goes into HayfeGUARD? - How is it made?

What makes us special?
To start with we are hands on professional beekeepers since 1924. We have our farm base in Surrey where we keep beehives, and others in and around the Countryside. We also have beehives in London and other city areas. This means we have the largest selection of mono floral (single nectar) honeys in the country. We also have access to the most diverse collections of pollens which insures a greater exposure to local pollens. Hayfeguard was developed over thirty years ago, repackaged and rebranded, but the same basic principals are still applied today.
‘Leave the honey natural, raw and as nature and the bees intended’.
We are the farmers, producers and packers of this product. We handle the entire process from opening the beehives to look after the bees to the retail shelf. This is very rare indeed! All our bees are very well looked after. We believe that by providing a safe, clean environment for our bees in which to thrive, we achieve a healthy balanced relationship of respect. In turn, our bees provide much needed pollination of plants throughout Britain, helping to maintain our eco-system, as well as providing lovely honey, pollen and royal jelly. By you supporting us, we in turn are able to support bees and beekeeping throughout Great Britain. Have a look through the tabs above to find out more about what makes HayfeGUARD so special!