"This is the best (and only) stuff I’ve found to combat hayfever. I recommend it highly and heartily"
Roy Petersen

All About Us!

Directly Supporting Bees & Beekeeping- Making A Difference

Many people are aware of the dire plight facings honey bees around the world. They want to get involved and help but do not know how. By supporting and becoming a member of the HayfeGUARD family you will be doing your part! We are in the forefront of proving crucial assistance to bees and beekeeping. As professionals we directly aid with a vast number of direct assistance and backing.



So what are we doing?

Teaching Beekeeping- Encouraging Others to Take Up The Art

  • Free Support & Advise
  • National & International Consultancy
  • Eco -Friendly Bee Rescue Service
  • Better Breeding Program
  • Nurturing Bee Colonies For Other Beekeepers
  • Advising Pest Control Companies On Safe Live-No Chemical Removal Of Bees
  • Liaise with Government And Local Council Departments Encouraging More BeeOpen© Spaces.
  • Free School Visit 'Bee Talks'
  • Providing Habitats For Wild Insects To Flourish
  • Lobbing Local And International Governments For Research and Banning of Insecticides Harmful To Wildlife.
  • Supporting Hobbies and Professional Beekeepers in the UK and EU with Fair Trade Financial Support and Advise.
  • Native Wildflower Seed Packets To Improve Bee/Butterfly Food Habitat.

We do not just do lip service to this issue- we are passionately pro-active! Your supporting HayfeGUARD allows us to continue to aid those in need.